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Nintendo Doubles Nintendo Switch Production

At this point, we’ve all seen the numbers for the Nintendo Switch launch and how successful it’s been.It’s Nintendo’s fastest selling console launch of all time in multiple Western countries, beating out even the phenom that was the Wii, and launched to higher first week sales than the PlayStation 4 in Japan. There’s no doubt that the launch of the Nintendo Switch has beaten the expectations of many people around the world.

This fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by Nintendo, with the Wall Street Journal now reporting that Nintendo are doubling the number of Switch consoles they plan to manufacture between April 1 2017 and March 31 2018 from 8 million to 16 million. To put this into perspective, if Nintendo sold every one of those 16 million consoles the Switch would have outsold the WiiU in a single year, which currently sits at 13.56 million consoles sold, and would be well on its way to the rumoured 26 million Xbox Ones in the wild.

There’s no guarantee that Nintendo will sell all of those consoles in a year, but with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Heroes, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey and anything else Nintendo releases this year still to come, they’ve given themselves every opportunity to do so.

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