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Nintendo announce Ring Fit Adventure

Last week Nintendo teased a new experience was coming to the Nintendo Switch, hinting it would involve physical activity. Today, Nintendo has revealed the project is called Ring Fit Adventure and it will be released on 28th October this year for a a suggested retail price of AU$124.95.

Ring Fit Adventure is an adventure game that utilises two new peripherals for the Nintendo Switch – the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap. The normal Joycon controllers fit into these devices to measure and react to your body’s movement. The Ring-Con tracks upper body movements while the Leg Strap tracks your leg movements. There are no button presses to play this game!

To move your character in the game you simply jog in place and press in on the Ring-Con to create a blast of air. If you aim the ring downwards your character will jump. Your character runs through a linear path, so there’s no need to worry about navigation. When encountering enemies you will engage in Fit Battles where you must attack using over 40 different Fit Skills. These are performed by doing yoga poses, squats, thigh presses and other physical movements.

The idea of Ring Fit Adventure¬†is to play at your own pace and get your daily exercise while gaming. You can alter the game’s settings to suit your own fitness levels and play as much or as little as you want each day. You’ll be given estimated stats such as how many calories you have burned while playing, so there’s encouragement to keep up the physical activity. There are also on-screen guides highlighting the correct way to perform movements.

Aside from the main adventure there is a Quick Play mode that allows you to quickly dive into mini-games, standard exercise routines or entire sets. You can take turns with friends to aim for the high score or simply try to outdo yourself.

You can check out the reveal video below.



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