Nickelodeon Confirmed to Be Adapting Mystery Classic Gaming Franchise to Television

December 29, 2016

Fred Seibert from Frederator Studios has let it slip that an as yet unknown but popular longstanding video game series is about to receive the television treatment, with production duties being handled by Nickelodeon.

Video game adaptations have had a shaky history, what with the recent critical disappointments of the Ratchet and Clank animated film and the underperforming Skylanders Academy, currently airing on Netflix.

Nontheless, there are some stand-out exceptions, like Sonic Boom, and with everyone’s favourite Blue Bomber coming to the small screen, it seems that the market is still ready to take another stab at translating classic gaming franchises to a new medium.

During an appearance on the Nick Animation podcast, Seibert confirmed that his team had finally gotten the go ahead on the project, which had been languishing in development for the past twelve years.

“We have a project now that we’re doing that needs to go unnamed, based on one of the most world famous video games of the last 30 years, that we’ve had in our shop for twelve years without being able to get it started,” Seibert elaborated. “But there were great characters and a great story, and eventually we got it going.”

Speculation is rife, with many positing that classic Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda and even Star Fox might be coming to our televisions, but as of posting there has been no official announcement from Frederator Studios, so take these rumours with a grain of salt.

You can watch the podcast in its entirety below: