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New Sea of Thieves Trailer Demonstrates Resources

Video-game developer Rare has today uploaded a new Sea of Thieves trailer via the official Sea of Thieves Youtube Channel. The trailer runs for almost three minutes and shows off the Sea of Thieves world, while explaining how resources work in the game. Sea of Thieves is still in a technical alpha stage of development, but it is already looking great.

Sea of Thieves still has no confirmed release date, though sources suggest it could be a launch title for the Xbox Scorpio project, launching alongside Xbox One and Windows PC platforms in the 2017 holiday season.


Check out the new Sea of Thieves trailer below:


The “shared-world adventure game” will have you scrounging for every last resource to maintain your ship as you explore the world pilfering and pillaging. Phil Spencer, division head for Xbox visited Rare today, so we may see some more details on Sea of Thieves announced shortly.

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