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Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Shows New Pokemon And Features

The Pokemon Company International have released a new trailer and updated the website for the upcoming games Pokemon Sun and Moon, showing off a bunch of new Pokemon and a new feature known as “Hyper Training”.

First off, two Pokemon that were recently revealed in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro were finally shown off with their western names.

Bewear is a Normal-Fighting type bear Pokemon, with some features resembling that of a red panda that is said to be feared by the Alola locals due to it’s immense strength. Trainers who grow close to their Bewear must fear it’s hugs which are said be quite forceful.. in a loving way. It has a new ability known as “fluffy” causing damage from attacks that make direct contact to be halved, but also doubles damage taken by fire type moves.

Mimikyu is perhaps one of the saddest and cutest Pokemon in the franchises history. This Ghost-Fairy type Pokemon is said to cause those that lay eyes on it’s true form to become mysteriously ill, meaning many avoid this Pokemon at all cost and in turn it has become quite the lonely little fellow. Mimikyo itself also loses health when exposed to direct rays of sunlight. To address both these issues, the little guy has taken Pikachu-styled merchandise from twenty years ago and turned it in to a costume, to simultaneously protect it from the suns harsh rays and hopefully help it make some more friends. It’s ability “Disguise” allows Mimikyu to take one hit from any enemy attack with out incurring damage, after which it’s disguise breaks and it becomes vulnerable.

Alongside these two previously revealed Pokemon were four newly revealed ones.

Wimpod is a Bug-Water type Pokemon seemingly based on a trilobite. These cowardly Pokemon also has a new ability known as “Wimp Out” where it will swap out with another Pokemon in the trainers party if its health drops below 50%.

Bounsweet is a Grass type Pokemon. This fruity Pokemon seemingly based on a lychee or rambutan and emits a sweet scent that calms humans but also attracts hungry Pokemon looking for a snack. When it flees in anger it skips across the ground, unfortunately it looks so cheery when doing so many don’t realise it’s actually in danger.

Comfey is a Fairy type Pokemon based on the iconic lei. Comfey collects flowers which it then loops around it’s body to form a ring. Due to the soothing fragrance the flowers emit, Comfeys are often used in hospitals and Pokemon Centres to treat ill patients. It’s new ability “Triage” gives healing moves the highest priority in a battle.

And lastly there is Mudsdale, a Ground type Pokemon based on a horse. Mudsdale is said to have immense power and emotional fortitude, with strong legs coated in protective mud that can deliver powerful blows. It’s new ability “Stamina” causes it’s defense to increase by one every time it is hit by an attack.

However new Pokemon were not the only things featured in the trailer. We also saw a glimpse of a new kind of training called “Hyper Training”. In the Alola region there is a man known as “Mr. Hyper” who collects Bottle Caps. Bringing him a Bottle Cap will allow you to improve one of your Pokemon’s base stats (which seemingly refers to what fans in the past dubbed “Individual Values” or “IV’s”). While the casual Pokemon player is unlikely to really need to use this feature, this does potentially have a huge impact on the competitive scene, with players no longer having to spend hours breeding Pokemon or soft-resetting while catching legendaries, in order to obtain a Pokemon with ideal base stats.

Another fantastic new feature is the ability for players to host their own tournaments both locally and online via Pokemon Global Link. Pokemon tournaments have been around in the series for some time, but this marks the first game where players can set up their own tournament.

For those of you who want to see all these newly revealed Pokemon in action, check out the trailer below.

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