New Pokemon Masters details revealed

June 28, 2019

DeNA and The Pokemon Company have released new information about the upcoming mobile game Pokemon Masters.

The game takes place on an island named Pasio, which plays host to a tournament known as the Pokemon Masters League. On this island Pokemon trainers travel with a single Pokemon, forming a Sync Pair. Players will interact with trainers who have appeared in previous Pokemon videogames – including gym leaders, champions and former criminal bosses – to form dream teams. To qualify for the Pokemon Masters League players will need to embark on a quest to battle other teams and collect gym badges.

Pokemon Masters features 3-on-3 battles which happen in real time. Players must attack as quickly as possible by using a Move Gauge which refills as time passes. Besides the Pokemon, trainers also have their own moves which heal Pokemon or boost their stats. There are also special Sync Moves which can be used to give your team an edge in battle.

Pokemon Masters is expected to be released in Summer (or Winter for Australia) this year, so at most it should only be about three months away from release. The game will be available on Android and iOS platforms. Check out the anime trailer below, along with footage of Pokemon Masters in action.