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Nintendo Files a New N64 Trademark Sparking N64 Mini Rumours

News coming in this morning is revealing that Nintendo has filed a new N64 trademark, sparking rumours of a continuation in their “mini” lineup, with NES Mini and SNES Mini already available naturally the next console to be miniaturised would be none other than the beloved Nintendo 64.

The new N64 trademark includes such things as “video game program, TV game machine, controller for game machine” and even mentions the nostalgia-creating N64 joystick.

Our hopes aren’t too high yet though, as last year around the time of the SNES Mini being announced Nintendo filed a very similar trademark for the Game Boy. Perhaps we could be looking at seeing both get a miniaturised launch this year, or perhaps the Game Boy Mini will come first and we will have to wait until 2019 for the N64 Mini.

Check out the full N64 trademark in Japanese below:

N64 patent

There will be a Nintendo Direct stream for E3 2018 on June 12 this year where it’s very possible a new mini console will be revealed. Make sure to check back in at Rocket Chainsaw for all of the E3 2018 coverage next month, and to find out more about Nintendo’s E3 2018 presence, head to the offficial Nintendo E3 website here.

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