New Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer Shows Final Boss

January 13, 2017

The massacre was only the beginning in this new Horizon Zero Dawn story trailer. With just a month and a half until the game’s release, Sony today uploaded a two minute trailer which reveals some of the details about the story, including potentially who the main boss of the game will be. You can view the trailer below:

We went hands-on with Horizon Zero Dawn late last year at the annual PAX event in Melbourne, and found the game to be ‘a remarkably beautiful experience that controls like many third person games before it. The enemies are interesting, the world looks incredible, but the demo didn’t show much of the Horizon Zero Dawn story. There was nothing to fault in the demo, but for a game that talks about how important its story is, I’ll be waiting to see more on that.’ So now with some of the secrets revealed about the Horizon Zero Dawn story, we are looking forward to what else is revealed before the game’s launch.

Developers Guerrilla Games known for creating the Killzone franchise originally said Horizon Zero Dawn was “the most risky” idea of those that were pitched when they decided to venture away from the Killzone franchise, however Horizon Zero Dawn has received nothing but praise from critics and fans alike, winning many awards at game shows around the world including Best Original Game at the Game Critics Awards in both 2015 and 2016. The Horizon Zero Dawn story appears to bring together what was previously a very mysterious world, and we are now very excited to get our hands on it next month.

Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive exclusively for PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017.