New Counter Strike: GO Mode Comes To Red Bull Flick

October 22, 2020

Launched back in 2019, Red Bull Flick is a 2v2 Counter Strike: GO tournament that gives amateur players around the world an opportunity to face off against pro players in customer maps. As part of that, there can be some pretty interesting customer formats, given the relatively casual nature of the tournament. Now, Red Bull Flick is bring a brand new mode to Australia.

Hold The Flag is a new unique mode where duos face off in a King-of-the-hill style match. To win, pairs need to secure and defend the flag for 45 seconds, with new maps having been designed specifically for this game mode. There are a total of five new custom maps, each with unique settings and game mechanics: Castle, Garden, Speedway, Matric and Himalaya, all of which are playing on Steam now. Some of the professionals involved in the tournament include Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen, Mitch Robinson, Paladin Amber, Iamfallfromgrace and Tom ‘Apocdud’ Henry.

Want to get your chance in Red Bull Flick? Registrations are open right now, with qualifiers kicking off between November 16-19 and 23-26. From there, the Grand Final will be broadcast live on the Red Bull Twitch channel on November 29. The winning duo will score a customer built PC each, valued at $3,000AUD.