NES Mini back in stock at EB Games (Update – Out of Stock!)

January 10, 2017

Update: The link is now stating the NES Mini is out of stock again. Rumour has it Target will have more stock later this month as well, so keep your eyes locked on Rocket Chainsaw for all the latest stock availability news on NES Mini in Australia.

EB Games Australia now have the NES Mini back in stock.

The much sought-after item was incredibly popular over the Christmas period, with stores selling out world wide and Nintendo reviving criticism for its inability to meet demand over the holidays. Notably the device was selling on Ebay and Gumtree for three times its retail value.

Vooks reports local stores will also be receiving stock over the coming days, though we suggest ordering online now to secure your unit before those nasty scalpers get to them.

EB Games currently do not have the official controllers in stock. The NES Mini is also limited to one unit per customer.