NEO: The World Ends With You Releases on July 27th

April 13, 2021

The World Ends With You released at a time that Nintendo DS games were some of the most innovative and imaginative out there. The system was a hotbed for weird and wonderful games, and Square Enix was one of the bigger proponents of that. While there are plenty of other games that have a larger mindshare, TWEWY was one of the most memorable. With a cool art style, banging soundtrack and unique mechanics, it was unlike anything else at the time. Now, we’re finally getting a sequel when NEO: The World Ends With You releases on July 27th.

Alongside the release date, we also got a new trailer for the game showing off a bunch of new gameplay footage and a good look at the game’s principle characters. The gameplay footage was particularly interesting, showing off a whole bunch of combat footage. It shows off that you’ll still have a range of pins to use in combat, with plenty of cooldowns and 3d movement on show. The trailer also gave us a glimpse a returning character from the original game, which I won’t spoil here.

NEO: The World Ends With You releases for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 27th, with an Epic Games Store exclusive PC version coming in Winter. For more information, check the official website.