NBA 2K22 Features and Visuals Revealed

July 21, 2021

Sports games are one of the visual showpieces on consoles every year. With smaller environments to render, plenty of horsepower can be shifted into making everything look as good as possible. While NBA 2K22 was announced last week, we hadn’t yet gotten much information on what to expect from the game itself. That changes now, with 2K announcing a number of features to expect from the game, as well as giving us our first look at the visuals of the game.

There’s plenty of features confirmed for NBA 2K22, such as Seasons, MyTEAM, a new City and Neighbourhood and MyCAREER, as well as MyNBA and MyWNBA modes, but where our real focus lies is in the new features coming to the game. On the court, there’s new offensive moves and combos, precision jump shooting and dumping in traffic among other changes, while defensively you can exect a revamped shot contest and blocking system.

On other key features, MyTEAM is finally bringing back Draft, with you selecting your players from a constantly updated pool of players, allowing you to earn rewards for MyTEAM. There are also plenty of new challenges, rewards and events, as well as cross-generation progression. There’s also a new City on PS5/Xbox Series X|S and Neighbourhood on PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox One, with plenty of content to jump into there.

In MyCAREER, NBA 2K22 also introduces some more current generation exclusive content such as Hidden Talents, where you’ll be able to pursue side ventures, and No Place Like Home, where you’ll be able to expand your home lifestyle and personal hub as you level up in the City.

NBA 2K22 releases for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on September 10. For more informati0n, check the official website.