MyGM details for WWE 2K22 revealed in new videos

February 18, 2022

The anticipated returning ‘MyGM’ mode in 2K Games’ WWE 2K22 has finally been detailed in a pretty comprehensive Ringside Report, posted on their main YouTube channel, along with a new trailer voiced by Stephanie McMahon.

The Ringside Report itself runs for 17 minutes, and shows the developers breaking down MyGM, from the ability to create a custom GM, or pick one from a few existing celebrities like Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon. There’s tables of budgets and rounds of draft picks to go through, so if you’re into the management side of sport games, it’s worth checking out the full-length video below.

The succinct notes from the accompanying press release also break down some of the key highlights of MyGM:

  • General Manager and brand selections, impacting gameplay throughout the mode with power-ups and distinct interactions;
  • Drafting a balanced roster, including custom Superstars, while managing budget to later sign free agents, enhancement talent and Legends;
  • Match booking and show logistics, allowing players to choose various match types, arena locations, production elements and more;
  • Power Cards and Commissioner Goals, providing gameplay boosts and guidance should players choose to follow it, or not;
  • Simulate, play, or enter Spectate Mode throughout booked matches, running the show in real time, controlling camera angles, and striving for a five-star match, summed up in a Match Report with tips for improvement.

WWE 2K22 is out on 11 March, only a few weeks away.