MSI celebrates three million gaming monitors in three years with new limited edition

May 7, 2021

Computer part manufacturer and gaming brand MSI has just announced that it has sold three million gaming monitors worldwide in just three years.

As part of the celebrations for this milestone, MSI have released a red limited edition of its Optix MAG275QRF-QD Gaming Monitor – although don’t expect to be able to get your hands on one easily. Only 15 units of this limited edition have been produced globally, and it isn’t available for consumer purchase.

The ANZ market has been a big part of this milestone, according to MSI’s Marketing Manager Jeremy Tate.

“As we’re a relatively new player in the market, it’s a momentous occasion for the company to have hit this milestone in a short time.

“The ANZ market played a significant part in achieving this milestone, and continues to be an important region for us. We look forward to listening to our customers’ feedback to ensure we continue advancing our technology and delivering quality products.”

You can check out probably the closest look you’ll get at one of these bad boy Limited Editions below.