Monster Rancher reboot on the way for Japan

July 26, 2019

A reboot of the Monster Rancher franchise is on the way, according to a report on fan site Koei Tecmo Warriors.

The news comes from a Japanese teaser site by publisher Koei Tecmo, which promises a new Monster Rancher game (or Monster Farm as it is known in Japan) will be released sometime in 2019 in Japan. It is hinted that the game will be released digitally only, though it’s unknown what systems it will arrive on let alone if it will see a release in Western markets.

The first Monster Rancher game was released in 1997 on the original PlayStation, with the last game coming out on Nintendo DS in 2010. The games see players collect monsters, raise them and then battle other monsters. There’s also an emphasis on breeding the monsters to create stronger generations. In the original game, you could actually load data from music CDs to generate new monsters, though given the push in recent times for music streaming services it’s doubtful this feature will return in the reboot.