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Mobius Final Fantasy announced

While the fans await the fast approaching release of Final Fantasy XV, Square-Enix has announced the local release of another new game in the franchise. Mobius Final Fantasy is intended to be ‘the first ever console quality Final Fantasy game specifically designed for mobile devices.’ While available in Japan for the past year, it looks like the game will be heading our way in English very soon.

What this means is that the game seems to feature high quality HD graphics, in a new RPG with character customisation options and ongoing live events. The plot concerns a man with amnesia, who awakens in a world called ‘Palamecia’ and faces a quest to bring hope to the world through a prophecy about a legendary warrior of light. The game’s development team includes producer Yoshinori Kitase and writer Kazushige Nojima, who worked on both Final Fantasy VII and upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The game’s release date is surprisingly soon, coming 3 August to iOS and Android devices, and pre-registration is now open for fans across Australia and New Zealand at the official registration site. Bonuses for doing so include Final Fantasy X themed rewards for the game, including Tidus’ ‘Brotherhood’ weapon and a Yuna character card.


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