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Minecraft: Story Mode Unveiled At Minecon 2015

Last year Mojang and Telltale Games teased their collaboration on a new episodic spin off to Minecraft, combining Telltale’s patented  storytelling style with the Minecraft universe, aptly titled Minecraft: Story Mode.

However, the two companies left players guessing as to what this story would entail, especially given how Minecraft’s “plot” was more of an afterthought than an integral part of the game. At the opening ceremony of Minecon 2015 in London, the debut trailer for the title was shown off in front of thousands of excited fans both at the convention and online via Twitch. The trailer reveals that the cast consists of a completely original set of characters, as opposed to starring the two default ‘player’ avatars from the original game, as some had speculated. Players will take control of a character named Jesse, who along with his group of friends are on a quest to seek out “The Order of the Stone” – a group of legendary heroes who once slayed an Ender Dragon. Based on what we know, players should expect a fun, family friendly adventure.

For those curious to learn more, you can check out the trailer below.


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