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Might & Magic Showdown Early Access Now Available

Ubisoft Montreal today revealed that Might & Magic Showdown early access is now available. Choose your hero and customise their every detail in a comprehensive new look at the Might & Magic franchise. Lead your hero in combat against other players in a new tactical PVP experience relying heavily on planning and real-time execution. Check out the reveal trailer for the Might & Magic Showdown early access below:


Ubisoft Montreal said they want players to fondly think of their childhood memories of playing with toys. “Might & Magic SHOWDOWN is inspired by our childhood memories of playing with figurines,” said Philippe Ducharme, producer. “The rich lore of Might & Magic was the perfect starting point to bring our innovative gameplay to life.” With 60 solo battles and 20 unique figurines to paint, Might & Magic Showdown early access is packed full of content to get lost in.

Better yet, available for free on Steam is the Might & Magic Showdown paint workshop allowing you to paint the 20 figurines before actually purchasing the game.

You can download both titles right now on Steam, with Might & Magic Showdown early access costing $29.95USD, while as mentioned the paint workshop is completely free.

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