Microsoft VR Announced for Windows 10

October 27, 2016

Today at the Microsoft Windows 10 Event in New York, Microsoft has announced their new Microsoft VR Windows 10 headset range. The new VR headsets will include inside-out tracking sensors, which the company says will be better than current VR headsets on the market.

This is not Microsoft HoloLens, an AR (augmented reality) project designed to allow you to turn your entire home into an augmented world with screens on every surface. The new Microsoft VR headset falls more in line with Oculus’s current prototype “Santa Cruz”, however the prototype seen today at the Windows 10 event was not yet wireless.

HP, Dell, Le Novo, Asus and Acer have all come on board to create the new Microsoft VR headsets, with prices starting at $299USD. Microsoft was happy to compare their new Microsoft VR headset to other headsets on the market priced in the $599USD range. Unusually, Oculus was not present at the event despite working close with Microsoft on their Oculus Rift VR headset.

There has been no word yet on what this means for Xbox Scorpio, and whether we’ll see Microsoft VR technology incorporated into the next video game console from Microsoft. The company already confirmed there would be no gaming news at today’s event, but now that Microsoft VR has been announced, we are hoping a future announcement is not too far away.