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Microsoft Shows Off Minecraft Using HoloLens

Two big questions going in to Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year: How will they utilise Minecraft, and how will they demo HoloLens? Both these questions were answered at the same time. Lucky us.

Minecraft‘s support for HoloLens was teased back in a concept video for the device, but today we saw our first public live display of the HoloLens being used to interact with the game.

We saw the wearer shift and modify the world with his hands, allowing him to get an overall view of the entire world, together while another player was using a Microsoft Surface to play within the same world. The HoloLens user can also use voice commands to input server commands, and is able to aim for specific blocks or sections of the map by staring at them. Assuming that the demo was not just smoke and mirrors, it manages to show off the potential for what HoloLens can do. It isn’t clear if it will have any significant impact on the way we play games at this stage, but it does show some novel ideas that can at the very least allow us to experience our games from a different perspective.

Minecraft fans who won’t be able to get their hands on a HoloLens, and are looking for more information about their favourite franchise were left a little high and dry, but Mojang teased more announcements coming at Minecon in a few weeks time (the conference takes place from July 4th-5th)

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