Microsoft Indie Titles Coming to Xbox One, from E3 2015.

June 16, 2015

Ever since the Xbox 360 days Microsoft, has shown indies a lot of love. This year was no exception.

In the Xbox ID section of the presentation we started with a montage of independent titles coming to the system.

We were then treated to some more in depth looks at four titles as their creators were invited on to the stage.

First off the bat was Fullbright Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Gone Home, giving us a more extended look at their title Tacoma, which was unveiled last year at The Game Awards. The title seems to invoke the same sense of melancholy and mystery that Gone Home did, as you explore the seemingly abandoned Tacoma space station.

Next we saw a game coming from our our lovely neighbours over in New Zealand, with Ashen, from Aurora44. This action RPG challenges you to explore the world, trying to find a place to call home. While exploring the world you will encounter other players exploring the world too, who you can choose to interact with or ignore, akin to Journey.

Tiger & Squid then showed off what may have been the most artistically beautiful trailer of the conference, with Beautiful Eyes. Attempting to explore the concept of being a blind girl, you discover the world with her other senses.

To cap it all off, the indie title that caused the most buzz from last years Xbox ID section of their press conference made a return; MDHR’s Cuphead takes the visual charm of a thirties Disney cartoon, and combines it with 16-bit era platforming. The game is charming, witty, and seems like a blast to play.

Overall the Xbox One seems to have a strong indie lineup on the horizon, with some of the most creative gaming experiences we may see at the show.