Mega Man Legacy Collection Preview – E3 2015

June 28, 2015

It’s weird seeing something like Mega Man Legacy Collection at E3, a convention where we’re treated the newest hyper-realistic graphics, or the latest innovations like VR, and actually spending a lot of time with it. I think it was the game I played the most at the Capcom booth, aside from Street Fighter V. A lot of Capcom’s showing at E3 was pretty similar, just ports or revamps of older titles, like Devil May Cry 4  or Resident Evil Zero, but Mega Man Legacy Collection had that addictive quality the others lacked – it was Mega Man.

Simply put, Mega Man Legacy Collection is a really cool collection for next-gen consoles of the classic Mega Man games – 1 through 6. These have been broken down and had their assets re-rendered in HD, so that the new ‘Eclipse’ engine is running natively on the console rather than simple emulation. This results in the games looking incredibly crisp and fluid on modern TVs, while not breaking the original art design at all.

However, Capcom do recognise that the main reason many will pick up this collection for pure nostalgia, and if you want to make the games look a bit more like they used to,  you can turn on a filter that makes the games seem like they’re being shown on a CRT TV. It’s actually not a bad effect, with little bits of static here and there, and makes for a cute way to play the games. All of the titles are still at their original 4:3 aspect ratio as the widescreen would ‘break’ the game slightly with enemy placement and triggers.


There’s also lots of little bonuses, including art galleries filled with original artwork and concept designs for the characters and enemies, even sprite sheets, all contained within a ‘Museum’ mode. There’s also a new remix ‘Challenge’ mode that uses gameplay from all six games to create new trials and levels to test fans looking for something new, although it was also pointed out that this mode could be used for newcomers to ‘train’ on harder aspects of the gameplay for later titles.

As for the games themselves, it’s Mega Man. What made the games so fun to play back on the NES (or the Game Boy, if you were 7 year old me), is back here and the games do indeed ‘feel’ just right.

If you haven’t played through the games before or you’re looking for a genuine-feeling and comprehensive collection, Mega Man Legacy Collection is a pretty shmick package to pick up when it’s released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 this year.