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Massive Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Sees Many Problems Fixed

Ghost recon Wildlands
Ghost recon Wildlands

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands had a very rocky launch, with bugs and glitches appearing all over the vast map of Bolivia. We scored it a measly 3/5 stars, stating that it was a solid game hidden behind some game-breaking code, such as NPC intelligence and objects simply not spawning — at all.

Now with Title Update 3 (Patch 1.05) live, it has become evident that Ubisoft has begun work to fix many of the bugs Wildlands launched with. We got our hands on the official patch notes, which you can check out below. Key changes for us include “Fixed various world building glitches” and the array of gameplay fixes.

Here’s the full official Title Update 3 patch notes:


  • -First Season of Live Season Challenges will be live on Tuesday, April 18th. The challenges and their requirements will be accessible from the game menu once the player is in-game.


  • -Fixed a bug where the GPS would display the route for “El Emisario” instead of “Special Transport”
  • -Fixed “The Chemist” teleporting when escaping in certain situations
  • -Reload prompt no longer appears when accessing the command wheel
  • -Fixed “Marcus Jensen” mission not updating for the client while in 2-players coop
  • -Fixed an infinite XP exploit in extract missions
  • -Fixed a bug where the VIP wouldn’t appear in the truck when replaying “Death Truck”
  • -Fixed a bug where “Target too far” would stay on screen in “The Mole” mission after locating the Unidad captain
  • -Fixed missions NPC not spawning if the player leaves and return to the area in “The mule doctors”
  • -Fixed a bug where El Cerebro’s Assistant would not get into the car after failing the mission in “El Cerebro”
  • -Fixed Bowman’s call not triggering if the player fast travel during Pac Katari’s call
  • -Fixed the journalist not exiting the car if another player completes the “Free the journalist” objective in “The journalist”


  • -Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck in the menus after validating a tutorial
  • -Fixed GPS blinking when the player moves far away from the target
  • -Fixed wrong number of Kingslayer files displayed on the tacmap in Media Luna and Inca Camina
  • -Fixed the “Controls” section of the options menu not responding in certain occasions
  • -Fixed a bug where the “Return to area of operations” message would remain on the screen even after returning to the area of operations
  • -Fixed a bug where the objective of systemic activities would not display on the HUD
  • -Pressing the R3 button while in passenger position of a vehicle will now display rear view


  • -Added a new public matchmaking criteria based on difficulty level
  • -Fixed a bug where a joining player could not see a NPC grabbed by a peer
  • -Fixed intels not unlocking for players entering the province last, despite the mission being playable via mission sharing
  • -Fixed SAM incoming missile alert not being replicated in coop
  • -Fixed visual effects of the “don’t press me” button not replicating in coop mode
  • -Fixed absence of variation in the helicopter sound in co-op
  • -Fixed Suppressors sometimes not replicating correctly when changing weapon in the loadout
  • -Fixed a bug where the mission “the Agent” would be completed for only one player when the drone battery runs dry just after the conversation is finished
  • -Fixed a bug where the player could not interact with the rally point door if another player finished watching the cinematic


  • -Type 95 LMG’s Extended magazines can now be used in-game upon purchase
  • -Fixed the player surviving falls when sticking to a wall
  • -Player can no longer take cover behind destroyed destructibles
  • -Fixed the player occasionally shaking when taking cover
  • -Fixed XP stuck for players in very rare occurrences
  • -Fixed a bug allowing the player to prone and fire through walls
  • -Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t take cover when exiting a vehicle
  • -The Santa Muerte helicopter now has the same handling as the others helicopters
  • -Fixed vehicles not exploding when colliding with the train
  • -Fixed a bug allowing the player to clip through walls with a motorcycle
  • -Fixed a bug where the Unidad alert level could drop from 4 to 0 when a reinforcement wave is cleaned
  • -The ADV Suppressor skill now properly affects damage reduction on all weapons.
  • -Fixed a bug where a weapon would become unusable if equipped in the loadout while the player swapped weapons
  • -Fixed a bug where the player could not re-equip the suppressor back on Silencio once they viewed the weapon without it in Gunsmith.


  • -Fixed Amaru not having a radio voice while travelling by helicopter
  • -Fixed missing sound effect when a boat collides with the shore
  • -Fixed SAM detection sound repeating itself if the player exits the range in time
  • -Fixed audio feedback on incoming missiles
  • -Improved radio content randomization
  • -Fixed a bug where the AI teammates would repeat the same idle dialogues several times
  • -Fixed absence of sound when a helicopter crashes
  • -Fixed narrative dialogues replaying after each redeployment


  • -Fixed an occasional graphic corruption on the road texture when entering and exiting pause menu
  • -Fixed graphic corruption when colliding a vehicle with a trash can
  • -Fixed the Unidad costume clipping through the camera in First-person view
  • -Fixed the NPCs not positioning correctly when entering a 30° inclined vehicle
  • -The female ponytail hairstyle is no longer clipping with the Santa Muerte costume
  • -Fixed a rare bug causing fps drops on long game sessions


  • -XP boosters now display the number of hours they last
  • -“New vehicle unlocked” pop-up won’t activate every time a vehicle pack is collected
  • -Fixed season pass appearing as broken in the store when already purchased
  • -The “Compensator V2-SMG” can now be attached to SMG’s


  • -Repositioned Legend collectible in the Media Luna province
  • -Fixed multiple places where the player could get stuck
  • -Fixed various world building glitches
  • -Fixed boats spawning on top of each other in Agua Verde


  • -Fixed various crashes and glitches
  • -Multiple stability issues addressed
  • -Solved a localization problem with the store page
  • -Fixed a case where Task Force membership wasn’t properly displayed
  • -Several Steam Controller tweaks and bug fixes
  • -UI control reminders now change automatically from controller to mouse and keyboard upon mouse input
  • -Solved mapping conflicts when remapping next or previous vehicle
  • -Fixed an issue about the “hold” gauge when redeploying on team mates
  • -Game language can be changed from Uplay launcher
  • -The Loadout tab is now functional when switching from Factions tab with a controller
  • -Right click now edits the selected weapon slot

We also implemented fixes and improvements for both Ghost Recon Network and Ghost Recon HQ.

The patch size is up to 5.3GB on console and 6.5GB on Windows PC, and if you’re playing with mates please ensure everyone is on the same version of the game otherwise you will encounter errors.

Let us know in the comments how Ghost Recon Wildlands Title Update 3 has changed the way you play, and whether you notice any significant increases in the quality of life in Bolivia.

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