Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy Raising Money For Charity

March 19, 2012

If you’re a modern, web-surfing gamer in the year 2012, you will undoubtedly have heard about the uproar surrounding the ending to Bioware’s series finale Mass Effect 3, reviewed by our own exec. editor Adam just last week. What you may not realise, however, is the sheer extent to which some people have taken this “betrayal” to heart. While most are content with posting angry comments on forums such as ours, or on news articles reporting the situation (ahem, please go ahead), some have aspired to externalise their frustration as a fuel to do good, albeit with a clear ulterior motive. Such disgruntled fans have found their way to donations website ChipIn, where a petition named “Retake Mass Effect” has been created demanding alternate endings for the series, while also raising money for the well-known gamers charity Child’s Play. Since its inception just 6 days ago on March 13th, it has currently raised $66,550.60 USD from its 3184 contributors, numbers which are likely to continue to grow before the petition ends on April 11th. What follows is the petition’s mission statement:

A Petition for Alternate Endings to the Mass Effect Trilogy

We, the undersigned, respectfully request the consideration of the following petition.


* Mass Effect is an interactive video game providing a detailed framework within which the player may create a unique story

* A major concept of the Mass Effect games is that your choices significantly affect the outcome of the story

* Another major concept of the Mass Effect games is success in the face of seemingly impossible odds

We believe:

* That it is the right of the writers and developers of the Mass Effect series to end that series however they see fit

However, we also believe that the currently available endings to the series:

* Do not provide the wide range of possible outcomes that we have come to expect from a Mass Effect game

* Do not provide a sense of succeeding against impossible odds

* Do not provide a sense of closure with regard to the universe and characters we have become attached to

* Do not provide an explanation of events up to the ending which maintains consistency with the overall story

We therefore respectfully request additional endings be added to the game which provide:

* A more complete explanation of the story events

* An explaination of the outcome of the decisions made, especially with regard to the planets, races, and companions detailed throughout the series

* A heroic ending which provides a better sense of accomplishment

To this end, we donate to the “Retake Mass Effect 3” Child’s Play Charity drive in lieu of our signature to this petition, in order to establish our sincerity, our love for these games, and for the Mass Effect universe.

We thank you for your consideration.

Those who feel the same way towards Bioware and the Mass Effect 3 writers may contribute to the campaign via their website on ChipIn.