Posted December 7, 2018 by Adam Ghiggino in Feature

MapleStory 2’s Skybound Expansion Introduces Soul Binder Class

MMORPG MapleStory 2 is starting to receive a slew of updates, with its new Skybound Expansion entering Phase 1. To kick things off, the game is introducing the new ‘Soul Binder’ class, alongside a new area, new PvP mode and more.

The Soul Binder is a hybrid magic damage-dealer and healer, who studies ancient magic taught only in the mysterious Halo Mountains, and is full of raw and devastating potential.

Maple Arena is being introduced as MapleStory 2‘s PvP mode, taking the form of 1-v-1, best of three match-ups between players, with the chance for them to win brand new gear.

The new area available is called ‘Sky Fortress’, an air-bound warship, while new Faction Missions are also available, assigned by five factions including the Royal Guard, agents of the Dark Wind and the spellcasters of the Lumiknights – each with their own shop, unique items, skins, chat bubbles and decorations. In addition, for those trying to reach previously released Hard Chaos Raids, new Normal Chaos Raids have been added, along with adjustments to the Hard Adventure Dungeons, to help smooth over progress and allow players to gear up properly for the challenge.

MapleStory 2 is celebrating the Skybound Expansion with a Skybound Celebration event. Anyone who is a Level 10 or above and logs in during the first month of the update will receive 30 Elixirs, 30 Master Potions and a Level Up Booster Ticket. Once players reach level 60 they’ll also be able to claim additional items including a level-up potion which instantly boosts a character to level 50.

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