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No Man’s Sky Won’t Require a PS Plus Subscription to Play Online

Sony has confirmed that players won’t need an active PlayStation Plus membership to play the upcoming No Man’s Sky online. This is great news for players who want to explore the galaxy and find traces left behind by other explorers; Sean Murray has stated that although the game won’t have traditional multiplayer, there will be elements that work similar to the messages left behind in Dark Souls games, only much more dynamic.

“If you want a first-person shooter-sci-fi-around-on-a-planet game play Destiny. It’s a really good game. Go play that. We’re not trying to do that.” Murray stated in an interview.

“What we want is for the player to play with a sense of that other people have been there before.” He added. “So what will reasonably happen is going to a planet and discovering that someone else has been there before you. You will see traces of them, like creatures they’ve named and things they left behind.”

No Man’s Sky is due to release on the 9th of August.

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