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Lost Sphear Releasing In January 2018

It was just before E3 2017 that square Enix revealed that the developers of I Am Setsuna were creating another brand new RPG IP for PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 titled Lost Sphear.

Now, just a few weeks outs from Gamescom, Square Enix have announced that the game will release in Australia on January 23, 2018.

While the release date coincides with the worldwide release date, it does look like we will only be getting a digital release of the game in Australia. The game is getting a physical release in the US, but the Australian press release we received specifically states that Lost Sphear will release digitally in Australia, so you’ll need to import a US copy of the game if you want a physical Switch copy. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch is region free, so that isn’t a huge problem.

The game is available for preorder now on the PlayStation Store and Steam, with preorders coming with 2 musical tracks and an exclusive theme and wallpaper respectively.

Lost Sphear will release digitally for PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 on January 23, 2018.

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