The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Release Date and Collector’s Edition Revealed

July 18, 2020

From the minds behind Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of shorter horror anthology games. It began last year with Man of Medan, an interesting take on the Ghost Ship horror story of oldwhich ended with a short teaser for the next game in the series, Little Hope. Little Hope, which looks to be a take on the open-air horror in the woods genre, has been shown a few times already, but we didn’t know when to expect it. Now, we’ve had both the release date for Little Hope and a Collector’s Edition revealed in one fell swoop.

Publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that The Dark Pictures Antholgoy: Little Hope will release globally on October 30th, a date which seems absolutely perfect for the game. Along with a standard edition, there will also be a Limited Edition Bundke and Collector’s Edition bundle for the game. The Limited Edition Bundle will contain both Little Hope and Man of Medan, a clotch map, two map pins and a steelcase (with room for 4 total discs).

The Little Hope Collector’s Edition will contain the game, a Dark Pictures cloth map, two map pins, a steelcase (with room for 4 total discs) and a replica of Mary’s 1692 poppet. This edition of the game is exclusive to the BNEE E-Commerce Store.

Along with two editions, it was also confirmed that all preorders get early access to The Curator’s Cut, an update that introduces new scenes, different playable characters, and new choices and outcomes to the base game.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 30th.