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Lego Dimensions Supergirl Exclusive to PS4

It’s been known for a while that Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El was making her way to the Lego Dimensions multiverse, however it has now been revealed how the highly collectible minifig can be obtained and fans aren’t too happy.

It appears Supergirl will be launching exclusively as a bonus figure in the PS4 Starter pack of the game. Of course this has naturally upset fans who play (or intend to play) the title on other systems, but it also isn’t great news for the game’s already established and dedicated fanbase. To clarify, this starter pack is not some new pack containing Series 2 figures or anything of that nature, but rather the same starter pack that launched last year (which has an RRP of AU$169.95) with the added Supergirl minifig, meaning those who have already purchased the title will either need to re-purchase it or look to buy Supergirl from a re-seller.

For better or worse, it has been confirmed via the Official Playstation Blog that Supergirl will be available as part of the in game “Hire-A-Hero” option next year, which will allow those without the minifig to experience her within the game. However, it seems to suggest that the minifig will at no point be sold separately which at the very least ensures that hardcore collectors are aware of their available options when deciding if and how they want to go about obtaining the coveted plastic figure. It is also not clear if this digital way of accessing Supergirl will be available in other versions of the game.

However for those potential Lego Dimension buyers who are just curious to find out what Supergirl does, you can check out the trailer posted below showing various powers you will recognise from the comics, including her ability to transform into her Red Lantern form.


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