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LawBreakers Player Count Dwindles, Cliffy B Likens to Warframe

As the LawBreakers player count continues to dwindle, the team at Boss Key Productions refuses to admit defeat, and is convinced that players will come back and the game will be a long-term success.

Gears of War creator and head of Boss Key Productions Cliff Beszinski insists that the game is surviving, and with future content in development including a new class, maps, modes and more, that LawBreakers could follow the path of Warframe, an game in an entirely different genre that had a shaky start but now has a solid and growing community.

Check out the Windows PC LawBreakers player count since its launch on August 8, 2017:

LawBreakers Player Count

In a recent interview with video game website Gamespot, Cliffy B reiterates his support for LawBreakers, saying “I have a reputation for being brash and loud, but I am the first person to admit when I’m wrong,” he said. “We certainly did make our share of mistakes with the game. In spite of the mistakes, we’re going to continue to update and iterate, and the reviews do not lie.”

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed LawBreakers at it’s launch in August, giving it 3 and a half stars, saying “If there’s one thing that may stand the test of time for LawBreakers it will be its community, and it will be interesting to see how positive it remains where other communities have been rife with toxicity.”

If Cliffy B is determined to appease the community, then there is no reason why the LawBreakers player count can’t climb back up and surpass launch and beta numbers. With free weekends and potential future discounts in the pipelines, LawBreakers could turn out to be quite popular, but in a very saturated online shooter marketplace it will certainly be a tough road.

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