Knack 2 Revealed At Playstation Experience Showcase

December 5, 2016

After a middling critical and commercial response to Knack when it launched in 2013, there has been a crusade across the internet from avid fans looking to impart their love for Knack unto the uninitiated. Their opinion is that Knack was underappreciated, didn’t deserve quite the amount of hate it received and a sequel would help it improve its formula and become a truly great experience.

Those fans have finally seen their wish realised, with Knack 2 being announced for Playstation 4 on stage at the Playstation Experience 2016 Showcase. The trailer showed off the titular Knack as he went through a variety of combat and platforming sections, showing what could potentially be some more responsive controls. The trailer also showed off a brand new co-op mode showcasing a brand new Blue Knack that could be hit into enemies for damage.

No release date or year was provided for Knack 2, implying that it could potentially be a late 2017 or 2018 title.