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Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming 2018

We knew that a new world was going to be shown off at Disney’s D23 Expo overnight, but we didn’t know what world it would be or if it would come from Disney, Pixar or Lucasfilm’s stable. The brand new trailer showing off a Pixar world for the first time in a Kingdom Hearts game, with Toy Story being the chosen world.

The trailer shows off a couple of familiar looking environments, as well as some fantastic looking graphics, as Sora, Goofy and Donald team up with Woody and Buzz to take on the Heartless that have taken over their world and stolen their friends. The trailer showed off both Andy’s room, the front yard and Galaxy Toys, all environments that fans of Toy Story would be incredibly familiar with. Each of these areas looks incredible, with some graphical settings that look like they might surpass Final Fantasy XV. You also get a taste of some of Sora’s new moves, including the ability to man mech suits while in Galaxy Toys.

As if this trailer wasn’t enough on its own, Square Enix also revealed at the end of the trailer that Kingdom Hearts is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.


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