Killing Floor 2 Launch Trailer is Super Violent

November 20, 2016

Tripwire Interactive today released Killing Floor 2 and with it the Killing Floor 2 launch trailer featuring all the blood, gore and violence you would expect in a game titled Killing Floor 2. The original Killing Floor launched to overwhelmingly positive user reviews on Steam, with almost 45,000 people reviewing it to date. You would think with games like Left 4 Dead and the Call of Duty zombie modes that the zombie co-op survival shoot-em-up market was already saturated, but then Killing Floor came along in 2009 and gave the more established developers a run for their money.

Killing Floor 2 Launch Trailer

Check out the Killing Floor 2 launch trailer below:


Killing Floor 2 is priced at $29.99USD RRP on Steam though currently on special for $22.49USD until the 24th of November. There is also a Digital Deluxe edition featuring six characters, a soundtrack, digital artbook, cosmetic items, and the original Killing Floor game, currently on sale for $29.99USD (regularly $39.99USD). If you want to go all out, EB Games is stocking the Limited Edition metal case pack which also includes a poster, magnet, and game controls card for $59.95AUD. The physical release will be this Tuesday, the 22nd of November.

Killing Floor 2 Launch Trailer LE

Killing Floor 2 is also being released on PlayStation 4 both digitally and phisically, with EB Games listing the Limited Edition version for $69.95AUD. This version will also release on 22 November, 2016.