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Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass Detailed

Just Cause 4 DLC Names
Just Cause 4 DLC Names

Fresh off the back of our PAX 2018 behind-closed-doors interview and live demo with Avalanche Studios, we can now reveal information about the Just Cause 4 expansion pass.

We queried technical sound director Ronny Mraz during the interview, but he couldn’t reveal anything more than what we already knew. The Just Cause 4 expansion pass will feature three DLC packs similar to Just Cause 3. Until now we thought they were called Daredevils, Demons and Danger, but it appears the full names are Dare Devils, Los Demonios and Agency Strikes Back.

It will be interesting to see how close the Agency Strikes Back DLC launches to Xbox exclusive Crackdown 3.

Watch the official Just Cause 4 expansion pass reveal trailer below:


Dare Devils will have Rico racing against the gangs of Solis in “heart stopping death races and rampage rallies”. While this pack might not add much to story or weaponry, it will hopefully unlock some new high-speed vehicles.

Los Demonios will bring a demonic force to the Just Cause universe for the first time. Solis is infected, and it’s up to Rico to remove the terrifying threat to its people.

Agency Strikes Back will add some traditional story to the Just Cause universe as Rico’s former employer appears in Solis, bringing some amazing new weapons and items, as well as a dangerously overpowered foe. It looks like this DLC may be the most interesting if Rico is given some amazingly overpowered arsenal, but the odds will truly be stacked against you in this expansion.

The Just Cause 4 expansion pass is included in the Gold edition of the game which can be pre-ordered. Players that purchase this edition will also be given 7 days early access to each of the Just Cause 4 expansion passes.

Just Cause 4 is launching on December 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. Pre-ordering the Gold or Digital Deluxe edition will give you 24 hours early access.

Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw as we reveal more details about the game closer to launch. For our existing Just Cause 4 coverage, check out our E3 2018 article here, leaked DLC information here, an amazing Just Cause 4 Tornado Gameplay trailer, and learn more about the leader of the Black Hand here. There was also a beautiful panoramic trailer revealed just the other day. For official information head to the Just Cause 4 website here.

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