Jupiter Ascending Competition Winners Announced!

February 18, 2015

A week ago we posted a competition to win 5 x double passes to the new release film, Jupiter Ascending, asking our readers to answer the question: “If you could be genetically spliced with any animal, what would it be, and why?

We’ve read through all the entries, and have decided on our winners… Drumroll please…


J. Maunders, VIC – “A mouse. It was my nickname in school and scientists have already reversed ageing in mice. I could be a new, younger me soon!”

B. Gorman, WA – “Splice me with a human – I’d have super powers like opposable thumbs and the intelligence to post funny memes on the internets! — Sincerely, A Wolf”

A. McCarthy, VIC – “A penguin, cheetah and armadillo, called a Peetadillo I’d be an all round fighting machine, exercising military precision, lightning fast reflexes and highly armoured.”

C. O’Reilly, VIC – “An eagle, so I can stay in bed longer in the morning, since I can avoid the traffic and swiftly fly my way to work!”

A. Brown, VIC – “The Tasmanian Devil, given my diminutive stature, I could do with having their tenacious ferocity compared to their small size for formidable battle strength.”


Congratulations to all our winners, your prizes will be in the mail soon! Also, a big thank you to Roadshow Films for their help in this promotion! Jupiter Ascending is in cinemas February 19.