Hyrule Warriors Legends Final DLC Launches with Trailer

November 1, 2016

Nintendo and KOEI Tecmo today launched the Hyrule Warriors Legends final DLC, including two new playable characters Ravio and Yuga, as well as 15 new My Fairy costume pieces, a new map for adventure mode with a new adventure battle and two challenge battle scenarios, and a new weapon for Toon Link.

This is the fourth and final DLC, after a release each season over the past year. Each release has focused on one Legend of Zelda title in particular; with Windwaker, Link’s Awakening, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks already stepping up to the plate, now players can enjoy two unique characters from the Nintendo 3DS hit: A Link Between Worlds.

The mysterious Ravio was originally in Lorule, the dark version of Hyrule featured in A Link Between Worlds, but made his way to Hyrule to pose as a simple shopkeeper. You can battle with Ravio in the Hyrule Warriors Legends final DLC using the Hammer Item and Ice Rod, while also having some other special attacks.


Yuga, was one of the two main bosses in A Link Between Worlds. He attempted to resurrect Ganon, and was capable of transforming himself into 2D art, much like Link, with his magic wand. You’ll find yourself using that exact wand to battle foes in  the Hyrule Warriors Legends final DLC, as well as using the picture frames that he creates using his magic. He can also summon the Trident item, and perform lightning strikes.


The Hyrule Warriors Legends final DLC is available now for $9.10 on 3DS, $6.50 on Wii U, or $11.70 on both. It is also available for free for those that have purchased the Hyrule Warriors Legends season pass. For full Australian prices of Hyrule Warriors Legends, visit the Australian Nintendo catalog. To purchase anything you must do so in the eShop on your console. Check out the Japanese Hyrule Warriors Legends final DLC launch trailer below: