HyperX Ships More than a Million USB Microphones

November 11, 2021

HyperX has announced that the company’s USB microphone business has really taken off, shipping over one million USB microphones since they were introduced in 2019. The range, which has proven popular with streamers, includes the HyperX QuadCast standard USB microphone, the more customisable HyperX QuadCast S variation and the cheaper HyperX SoloCast.

“HyperX is pleased to support a thriving community of content creators, influencers and gamers with the highest quality gaming products to meet their individual setup needs,” said Kevin Hague, general manager, HyperX. “Our continued efforts have created a lineup of microphones that deliver clear and consistent sound not only for gamers, streamers, and casters, but also students and business professionals alike.”

The two QuadCast mic options offer four polar mic patterns, while the SoloCast features a single condenser design with a cardioid polar pattern. You can check out the whole range on the official website.