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Horizon Zero Dawn Releases on Pc Next Month

Regardless of whether or not you own a PlayStation 4, you’ve probably heard of Horizon Zero Dawn. Released in 2016, Guerilla Game’s first foray into the world of the RPG was met with commercial and critical acclaim, setting up a franchise that was sure to continue (and is now confirmed to continue with the announcement of Horizon: Forbidden West). With Xbox now releasing all of their first party titles on PC and a select few first party PlayStation games making their way to PC through other publishers, we’ve often wondered if and when PlayStatioj might follow suit. We were left wondering no more when Guerilla Games announces that Horizon Zero Dawn would come to PC, and now they’ve confirmed that the game will release early next month.

Set in a world overrun by nature and mechanical animals and dinosaurs, the game was a fresh take and setting that were interesting and engaging from the get-go (you can check out Adam’s review of the PlayStation 4 version here). Couple that with a strong leading lady, a cast of fantastic characters and an engaging story, and the game quickly became a favourite.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC brings that fantastic experience, along with the game’s excellent DLC expansion Frozen Wilds and a myriad of PC specific improvements. You’ve got unlocked frame rates, ultra-wide support, dynamic foliage, improved reflections, and my personal favourite, benchmarking tools. It’s definitely not looking like a lazy port here.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition launches on PC via Steam for $69.95 AUD and EGS for $74.99 AUD on August 8th.

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