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Play The Hitman 2 Snow Festival For Free With Update 2.13

Hitman 2 has been available for a couple of months now, and millions of players worldwide have been finding clever ways to assassinate targets in different outfits as Agent 47. IO Interactive has been listening to player feedback, and have just released Update 2.13 along with the Hitman 2 Snow Festival. In the festival, players will find a bunch of new items such as a snowball, arctic tool box, and piton, as well as a super-cool winter sports suit.

The Hitman 2 Snow Festival is available via the Hokkaido Legacy location from January 21 until February 12, and from February 22 at 13 UTC (February 23 in Australia), anyone at all can download the entire Hokkaido Legacy location, including the Hitman 2 Snow Festival, with progress carrying over to the full game if you choose to purchase Hitman 2.

Also included in the Hitman 2 Snow Festival is a Snow Master Challenge Pack which will reward you with an ice pick and a snow festival suit, which are permanent unlocks for anyone who unlocks them during the event.

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed Hitman 2 at launch, giving it four stars and saying “It offers up a complete package of new levels, additional single-player and multiplayer modes, minor gameplay and visual enhancements and continues to be one of the best assassination stealth games available on the market. Just keep in mind the game plays very similar to Season One, you will encounter framerate issues from time to time, and the narrative isn’t particularly engaging.

Check out the full Hitman 2 Snow Festival Update 2.13 Patch Notes after the drop!

Hitman 2 Snow Festival Pack

Hitman 2 Snow Festival Update 2.13: What’s Changing?

Overall Game Improvements
We’ve made hundreds of improvements, fixes and tweaks to the entire game across all disciplines. These improvements will greatly improve the experience of playing HITMAN 2. We’ve listed the stand-out highlights below.

Interaction Prompt Size
We’ve added a new Gameplay Option that allows players to change the size of the item interaction text. There are three options; 1. Standard (default) 2. Same Size (Prompt and name are the same size) 3. Larger Text (Prompt and name are the same but larger overall)

Handyman Wrench
Completing 15 Featured Contracts will now award the Handyman Wrench. If you’ve already completed the challenge associated this reward, the item will be added to your inventory shortly after the release of the game update.

Question Mark
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause some NPCs to investigate distractions from unreasonable distances. We’ve asked them to hold back and be less curious. The NPC’s that you expect to investigate will now do so.

Blurred Scope
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause 47’s rifle scope to be blurry when zoomed in.

Suit Shadow
We’ve fixed an issue that was preventing 47’s shadow from rendering whilst wearing the Raven Suit.

Closing Doors
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the wine cabinet doors to always be open. They’re now closed for safety reasons.

Crash Control
We’ve fixed a handful of issues that could cause the game to crash, including from standby/rest mode(s).

Exploding Molehills
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause explosives concealed in molehills to not harm NPCs on Whittleton Creek.

In Place
We’ve fixed an issue where Challenges regarding Featured Contracts have placeholder names in non-English languages.

More in Sync
We’ve fixed some inconsistencies between subtitles and dialogue in Miami.

Car Trouble
We’ve fixed an issue in Miami that could cause Sierra’s car to not crash despite an explosive device detonating on her car.

Where’s Nolan?
We’ve fixed an issue where our ‘Mini Map Rotation’ options were inverted. We know that nobody likes to play inverted, so we’ve made sure that ‘on’ means on and ‘off’ means off.

Muffin Merchant
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the muffin servers in Whittleton Creek to continually talk about needing more stock and their intentions to inform ‘Helen’ about the stock levels, but not actually doing it. Now they will.

An Apple a Day
We’ve fixed an issue in Whittleton Creek that could cause the An Apple a Day Mission Story to get stuck if 47 knocks out Janus while performing the Health Check.

Inventory Extension
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the Inventory menu to seemingly not display all unlocked items. This was a UX issue that was causing the items to be displayed on a ‘hidden’ window on the right-hand side of the screen.

Mission Story Consistency
We’ve fixed a handful of issues with Mission Story guidance prompts on Miami and Whittleton Creek.

Hector and Sheikh
We’ve fixed an issue where Hector and Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali were in a dialogue loop where they constantly repeated the same conversation in Miami.

Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Für unsere Deutschen Spieler: wir haben einen kleinen Fehler beseitigt, bei dem der Schlüssel zum Pool fälschlicherweise als “Autoschlüssel” übersetzt wurde. Tut uns leid!

We’ve fixed an issue that could cause 47 to teleport when taking out a shotgun and aiming in a crowd. Now, he’ll have to walk.

We’ve fixed an issue where 47 could enter an open coffin or morgue table during combat, provided that he isn’t actively visible to any NPC’s.

Flying Flare
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause a flare to float above the ground during the helicopter exit cutscene in Isle of Sgail.

– Silent Assassin Status –
In our previous Release Notes (2.12), we updated you on the Silent Assassin rating and how some unintended changes were made. Whilst we continue to work on a long-term fix, we’ve now updated the text for the scoring requirements and some challenges from “Never Spotted” to “Never Compromised”. These are not the final changes for this rating, but our intention here is to make the in-game communication better in the short term. We’re still working on the final solution and will share further updates as soon as we have them.

Ghost Mode Improvements

Ghost Crash
We’ve fixed an issue where the game crashes when exiting to the main menu from a quick match Ghost Mode session.

Open Sesame
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Ghost Crates containing disguises to remain closed until all disguises had been taken. Now, when either player takes a disguise, the crate will open and the other disguise will no longer be available. The opposing player will still have 10 seconds to pick up any of the items.

PC Specific Improvements

Window Scaling
We’ve fixed an issue where the game crashes when switching from Fullscreen to Windowed mode.

Discovery Drop
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause drops in framerate when discovering a new area.

Razer Chroma
We’ve extended our Razer Chroma Support. See details here:

Big Picture Buttons
We’ve added some big buttons to the Game’s Launcher when starting the game through Big Picture Mode on Steam, to indicate that you can ‘play’ and ‘quit’ using the controller.

Launcher Benchmark
We’ve added a Benchmark option to the PC launcher.

Known Issues (Reported By Community)

As part of these release notes, we wanted to give you an idea of just a few points that we see lots of discussion about, just so that you know that we know. Looking ahead, we’re already hard at work on our next update, 2.14, which we aim to release in February.

  • Issues where weapons can become invisible.
  • An issue with animations and coins.
  • 47 can get spotted when using the Morgue starting location in Hokkaido on Master Difficulty.
  • The Meaty Bone and Sacrifical Knife items cannot be used as starting equipment.
  • The Silverballer does not have the Steady Aim trait.

The Hitman 2 Snow Festival will run from January 21 to February 12. Hitman 2 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. For more information, head to the official Hitman website.

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