Help Bossa Studios decide what game they should make next

October 30, 2019

Bossa Studios, the developer behind indie hits Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, has announced they will be releasing three prototype games. The team wants to get feedback from the gaming community to help decide which project they should pursue as their next full game.

The prototypes will be available to download via Bossa Studios’ official website from 30th October until 28th November. The games include Pigeon Simulator, I Am Fish and Trash Bandits.

Pigeon Simulator is described as a solo and local co-op game where players play as one of the world’s most underappreciated birds – the humble pigeon. Fly high into the sky and poop on unsuspecting citizens, or just fly around the city while eating bread and… causing explosions?

I Am Fish sees players take on the mantle of a goldfish who wants to return to the ocean. You will have to navigate traps and trials in a suburban area while housed in a spherical tank.

Trash Bandits is a local co-op game where players are foxes who race from spot to spot and collect rubbish.

You can check out a short teaser for the games below: