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Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro Revealed In Full

After weeks of hype, Blizzard has at last confirmed a release date for it’s latest expansion to Hearthstone, Journey To Un’Goro, as well as revealing all remaining cards in the set. Journey To Un’Goro will launch on April 6th and include 135 new cards for players to acquire through packs earned with in-game Gold or real money.

Since the December release of the game’s last expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, powerful archetypes Pirate Warrior and Jade Druid have absolutely dominated the meta, leaving the game feeling, as a redditor would put it, literally unplayable.


Fans are hoping for all of that to change though, as Journey To Un’Goro introduces new mechanics including:

  • New keyword ‘Adapt’, which allows you to choose from 3 randomly selected minion buffs, in the style of ‘Discover’.
  • New legendary spells called ‘Quests’ that provide game-changing bonuses once certain conditions are met.
  • A new minion type in ‘Elementals’ which will have synergy with new cards as well as some older cards that haven’t seen much competitive play.


Like Gadgetzan, this expansion is based on an existing location in World of Warcraft, Un’Goro Crater, which lends not only it’s name but also it’s rainforest aesthetic and dinosaur inhabitants. Fans of WoW will see many familiar faces, with some of the zone’s most powerful enemies arriving to Hearthstone as Legendary minions.

Browse the full list of all 135 cards on HearthPwn and check out the Journey to Un’Goro Cinematic Trailer below:


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