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A GTA Online Casino Is Coming

Rockstar today revealed via a teaser tweed that a GTA Online casino is making its way to the game, stating that a luxury casino is coming to the heart of Vinewood.

The news comes on the back of a major Red Dead Online update last month which added online gambling including texas hold em poker. After the Red Dead Online update, Rockstar was forced to remove the in-game gambling from certain regions due to laws and regulations prohibiting betting. It is unclear whether the GTA Online casino will come to every region at this stage, and how it will affect the servers we play on.

Casinos are not a new thing to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, with GTA San Andreas featuring a casino with several different popular games to play.

The main difference this time around is that you can purchase Shark Cash with real-world money, meaning people will be able to gamble their actual savings or pay check away in GTA Online. Rockstar will need to be careful how they manage this to avoid scrutiny from government bodies, particularly at the height of some of the loot box controversies we’re seeing throughout Europe and other regions.

Check out the official Rockstar GTA Online Casino announcement tweet below:

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed Grand Theft Auto V at launch, giving it 3.5 stars and saying, “It all feels so real and complete, but that lack of substance, of any kind of attempt at making a connection or engaging with the player ends up leaving it feeling hollow“. Since then, GTA Online had a full launch and Rockstar has provided many updates along the way. For more information on GTA Online head to the official website.

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