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GRID Career Mode Detailed

With less than three months until GRID officially launches, today Codemasters has taken a deep dive into the GRID career mode, detailing the events, modes, and what to expect both at launch and in the months that follow.

GRID was originally revealed in May with a September release date, however Codemasters decided to push the release back a month to allow for more exposure. Earlier in the month we got the first look at some actual GRID gameplay, and it’s got us excited.

In the new Codemasters blog post, we learn that you will not have to win every race in the GRID career mode, in fact many races will have completely different objectives such as beating a certain car or completing a certain task during the race.

GRID Career mode

There are a total of 104 events at launch, and each event may have multiple races. The events are spread across six different vehicle disciplines: Touring, Stock, Tuner, GT, FA Racing, and Invitational which means there’s going to be a lot of variety in the vehicles when GRID hits the shelves this October.

Codemasters has also stated that players will only have to complete four of the six “Showdown events” to unlock the final stage, the GRID World Series. This means you don’t have to complete every discipline to complete the main part of the game.

The GRID career mode will include a teammate that you will use to your advantage throughout the dozens of events. Don’t like him? Fire him! Swap and change your teammate throughout the GRID career mode to fully utilise the role as you may need a more aggressive driver in certain events, while others may call for more tactical maneuvers.

Finally, there will be a full difficulty slider in the GRID career mode meaning you can breeze through it if you choose to, but there will also be plenty of competition for the fiercest drivers. Our experiences with GRID are that it’s pretty similar to F1 in that if you survive the first corner you’re normally pretty good for the race, so cranking up the difficulty and removing a rewind feature could prove to make the game quite challenging.

GRID career mode

GRID launches on October 11th 2019 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Codemasters has confirmed the game will launch on Google Stadia at a later date. For more info, head to the official GRID website.

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