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Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Combination Unveiled for 3DS

Way back in 2013, Tsunekazu Ishihara, President of The Pokémon Company, showed off some very early prototype screenshots of a new type of Pokémon game, starring a talking Pikachu that solves crime. Following that announcement, the game disappeared from the public eye until today, when the debut trailer was uploaded to Pokémon’s official YouTube channel. The trailer not only confirms that the game is still coming, but is in fact launching on the Nintendo eShop next week in Japan.

The game’s Japanese title translates to Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Combination (as translated by Nintendo Everything) and stars the aforementioned talking Pikachu as well as a young boy named Tim Goodman. Their goal is to explore Rhyme City solving various mysteries plaguing the town. The game is described as a “cinematic adventure” with gameplay similar to that of other adventure games like Ace Attorney or Professor Layton.

While there is no official release date for the West, it’s likely to come to Australia considering the majority of Pokémon games release worldwide.

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