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Gravity Rush 2 Release Date and Anime Announced

The official Playstation blog has revealed that the PS4 sequel to one of the Vita’s cult hits, Gravity Rush 2, will be launching on November 30th. (note: currently this is the date confirmed for Europe, but Australia typically sees the same release date as Europe).

Those who pre-order Gravity Rush 2 from certain retailers will also receive an alternate white costume DLC for the main character Kat and a Director’s Choice Soundtrack. Those who pre-order from the Playstation Store will also receive a bonus PS4 theme.

However, Gravity Rush fans have more to look forward to with Sony also announcing  a new anime called “Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture“. The anime will act as a bridge between the first game and the upcoming sequel. Anime buffs will also be pleased to hear it is being produced by Studio Khara, most famous for producing the Rebuild of Evangelion trilogy of films. Specifics on how the anime will be released have not been confirmed, though expect more information in the near future.

If you are unsure whether Gravity Rush 2 is up your alley, why not check out our preview from when we got to check it out at E3 last month?

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