Posted June 18, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Get Your Cameras Ready; New Pokémon Snap Is Coming

I still remember the magic of exploring islands and capturing pictures of mysterious Pokémon in Pokemon Snap. I never owned the game. Instead, I rented it repeatedly from our local video rental place and borrowed my younger brother’s NIntendo 64 to play it. I’ve spent years and years waiting for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to realise the folly of letting that only be a once off game. Yet, they never seemed to realise it, instead ignoring the series like the red-headed step child I myself was. Finally, somebody within the two companies has seen fit to revive the camera laden series with Bandai Nampo developing a new entry titled New Pokémon Snap.

Details are still relatively scarce for New Pokémon Snap, but there are a few things we know. The game will feature a completely new protagonist from the original game, probably because it’s been 21 years since the last one was created, and brand new islands to explore. Apples are returning as a way to interact with Pokémon, while there looks to be a good range of environments as well. We don’t really know exactly how the game will look, as much of the trailer had a watermark stating that the footage wasn’t of final gameplay, but we can expect it to at least be similar to the trailer.

We have no idea when New Pokémon Snap will release, but we do know that it will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch when it does. Check out more details at the official site and watch the reveal trailer below, or jump into our recap article on last night’s Pokémon Presents

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