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Gamescom 2020: DOOM Eternal – The Ancient Gods, Part One Revealed

DOOM Eternal is one hell of a game according to us, with our review calling it the ultimate DOOM experience. With a game as good as that, you always want more of it to play, and iD Software are enabling that by releasing some new story DLC for the game. The Ancient Gods, Part One was officially announced three weeks ago, and overnight the first full trailer has released for the DLC, along with its release date.

The Ancient Gods, Part One is the first in a two part DLC story expansion, and will take players to the heavens to confront an ancient evil awakened by the power imbalance you have created. That’s right, the Doom Slayer has been so successful at ripping and tearing that he has managed to cause an imbalance in the Universe. You’ll annihilate news demons in new locations, all while experiencing a new chapter in the Doom Slayer’s story.

The Ancient Gods, Part One is part of DOOM Eternal’s Year One Pass, so everyone that owns that or the Deluxe Edition of the game will receive access to it with no additional purchase needed. Otherwise, it can be purchased on it’s own for $29.95 AUD.

The Ancient Gods, Part One releases on October 20th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X, while PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will be available at a later date. For more information, check out the official website.

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