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GAEMS Showcase Preview

Rocket Chainsaw was recently able to view the line-up of GAEMS products available in Australia. Recently introduced onto the local market, the products allow easy console gaming for people on the go. The GAEMS range starts with a portable monitor, and goes all the way to carry case for your favourite gaming system with an in-built screen. GAEMS products undoubtedly fill a niche market, but are nevertheless popular with gamers overseas for their design and features.


GAEMS M155 Scout Performance Gaming Monitor

GAEMS1This entry-level item in the GAMES range is a lightweight 15.6 LED inch monitor that displays video at 720p. Powered entirely via a USB port and offering HDMI input, the M155 is a good option for budget-conscious gamers constantly moving around or wishing to take their Xbox or PlayStation and screen over to a friend’s place. We were informed that the M155 is even allowed to be used on US flights where a power source is available. The monitor also features a headphone jack and postitionable stand for extra convenience. If you fall in the target demographic and need a counterpart for a travelling console, the M155 is a worthwhile investment. The M155 is available locally from EB Games and The Gamesmen for $299.95.

GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment


Designed for the Xbox 360 and slim PS3, the G155 system offers a protective travel shell for your console and controller with the benefit of an in-built 15″ display. Like the M155, the product outputs 720p video. GAEMS have designed the G155 with the travelling gamer in mind, and it includes stereo speakers and dual headphone outputs. Anyone looking for an all-in-one transportation and gaming system should look at the G155, especially if you can’t be without a controller while away from home. The G155 is also available locally from EB Games and The Gamesmen for $349.95.

GAEMS G190 Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment


At the apex of the GAEMS family is the premium GAEMS G190. This top-of-the line offering is based on the same conceptual design as the G155, but it packs in a larger stunning 19″ inch 1080i LED display. Compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4, GAEMS also throw in a remote control and metal coned chambered speakers. The G190 is a quite the investment, but if you have cash to spend, it offers everything you could possibly think of in a portable gaming package. The G190 is only available in Australia from EB Games online for $519.95.


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