Frozen Synapse & Gemini Rue Competition Winners Announced!

January 1, 2013

A little while ago we ran a competition with a copy of Gemini Rue and Frozen Synapse up for grabs, each a fancy collector’s edition. To win, we asked our readers: What is the most absurd bonus you can imagine ending up in a Collector’s Edition for your favourite game?

Congratulations to  J. Wang of NSW, who has scored himself a copy of Gemini Rue with his answer: “A toenail. Those things end up everywhere!”. We think that’s pretty gross, but it’s also truthful, and we respect honesty.

And second congratulations go to I. Tyrrell, also from NSW, who answered with: “A lock of the developer’s hair, encased in amber.”. Your copy of Frozen Synapse: Collector’s Edition is lacking your suggestion, but we like it nonetheless.

You copies will soon be in the mail, and should arrive shortly, once Australia Post gets back to work. Thanks to all readers who entered, and special thanks again to Merge Games and Surprise Attack for the competition goodies.