Unlock Free The Crew 2 Vehicles With The Crew Rewards Program

July 5, 2017

Ubisoft has today revealed a new rewards program where players still cruising the United States in the original The Crew game can unlock free The Crew 2 vehicles. Up to eighteen vehicles are up for grabs in The Crew rewards program, with awards ranging from simply having played The Crew to completing up to 15 awards.

In fact, the current award for players is simply to play The Crew, and it will reward you with a free The Crew 2 vehicle, none other than the iconic Ferrari 458. The rewards program page will be updated twice a month but you can see all the awards you’ve completed up to date directly in-game.

We went hands-on with The Crew 2 at E3 2017, saying it looks like it’s “placing the emphasis on fun, freedom and plenty of options, as well as being a very impressive and appealing visual package. It was one of the biggest surprises for us on the show floor and we can honestly say that we’re looking forward to the full game, especially if it retains the scope of the first.

To find out more about unlocking the free The Crew 2 vehicles, head to the official The Crew 2 Ubisoft page here. The Crew 2 is currently scheduled to release in 2018 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.